Monday, July 28, 2008

Can 2 year olds really share?

I picked my son up from the church nursery on Sunday and asked how he did. I know the woman who is in charge b/c we are in a Bible study together. She kind of frowned and told me that he really needed to work on sharing because he was struggling with it.

At first I was horrified but then I started to really think about it. Can a 2 year old really understand much less implement sharing? Now my son has no older siblings and his sister is a baby so he doesn't have much practice in sharing. He does play with his friends however and goes to open gym. We do tell him that he needs to be nice and share. We do correct him when we think its appropriate. My son is a "go getter" and certainly not shy so its hard to tell him to sit and play with the toy he has in hand. (His competitiveness and strong will may be great in the future but right now it makes me beat my head on the wall. )

From everything I have read and experienced, I think toddlers are little cavemen. They grunt and fling their arms around and want what they want when they want it. Now as parents I agree that its our job to teach them otherwise..... but at what age do you expect more? Maybe I am living in la la land but almost every 2 year old I have run across tends to take things or freak out when a toy is taken from them. Isn't it normal?

So for now I guess all I can do is keep telling my son that he should share with others because its the nice thing to do. I, however, will not lose sleep over it right now. :)