Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What can happen to you in 79 days??

Our pastor has been doing sermons on vintage values. Its all about how we need to go back to values the way they used to be. In our marriages, parenting, community etc. He has always used coca cola as an example.

Coke introduced a new "improved" coke several years back. ( I remember but I was young) It took them a total of 79 days to realize that the better formula, the one that worked the best, was the original formula.

This Sunday he wrapped up the series by doing something really cool! We all had a blank envelope and a piece of paper that said " What do I want to change in 79 days?" He asked us to really think about something we not only wanted to change but really needed to change in our lives. He said that it may be that we needed heal a riff in a long standing feud or to finally own up to some things we have been neglecting.

He then asked us to put down what we wanted to work on and then seal the envelope and address it to our self. The leadership team would pray for these things for 79 days and then mail them back to us. We in return were to pray about it and really work on those goals.

He then had everyone come up to the front of the church and get a bottle of coke. He asked that we all keep our bottle of coke where we could see it everyday to remind us of those things we needed to change in our life. More than that we could remember what we could accomplish in just 79 days!

I am sharing this b/c that one bottle of coke on my counter has been a powerful reminder of the things I am working on. As mothers we have a thousand things going on and can lose sight of our personal goals or needs. Its easy to help everyone else with their problems but just as important to work on us.

What can you change in 79 days???


Katy said...

This is a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing it!

I just came across your blog from "Stretching a Buck", and I love having another Ohioan blog to read! :-)