Saturday, August 2, 2008

No sick days for mama !!

Remember the days of being sick and single? You would lay on the couch, drugged by some good cold medication. In your haze you would watch the Price Is Right, I dream of Jeannie re-runs, and nature programs. Drifting in and out of sleep you would shuffle to the potty and to the kitchen only to declare yourself too sick to cook. After a hot bath you would get into bed before it was dark out and have that good NyQuil sleep.

Boy oh boy how times have changed. I have had the flu for a couple of days now but somehow moms are expected to keep on doing everything they usually do. The kids still have to eat, get diapers changed and entertained. Add a sick infant with the same thing that wants to nurse all the time and a toddler who is jealous of all the attention his sister is getting........ ahhhhhhhhhh! My hubby took most the slack yesterday- thank the Lord! Today however I am on my own.

I guess I am kind of complaining.... I just think that moms need sick days.


Katy said...

Ahhhh... The Price is Right! I think that is the quintessential "sick day" show, no matter your age. Well, OK, my 3-year-old isn't quite ready to sit and watch Plinko, but you get the idea. :-)

I hope you and your baby are both feeling better soon. Praying for a quick recovery, and that you can get through everything you need to until then!