Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cheap girls night out!

I have been surprised when I visit my mailbox lately. With this economy I guess that restaurants are really hurting because I have been getting free food coupons. PF Changs, which is one of my favorite Asian restaurants, just opened up a more reasonable quick Asian bistro. They sent one free entree cards to myself and alot of my friends. Then my girlfriend called and said that she and her girlfriend had received a $25 gift card to a very fancy smancy restaurant.

I know that the restaurants are smart in doing this. They send one free entree per household thinking that you will bring the whole family. You spend more money, get to taste their food and hopefully come back. Now with the fancy restaurant... well lets just say that $25 would be about 20 % of your bill.

My girlfriends and have decided to use these cards for a great girlfriends night out..... for no more than the gas it takes to get there! We all get together and meet at the restaurant that has sent out the card and enjoy a much needed moms night out. The only thing you have to pay for is your beverage.

Tonight the girlfriends are going to meet at the fancy restaurant at 7:00 for a decadent dessert. No bibs, spit up, cutting up little bites of foods or laughing at toots. WOOHOO!!